Join a journey that will change your life

We will take you to a wonderful destination where you will discover your inner clown through a course. At the end you will have the chance to perform for the children of one of the schools that we support financially and… joyfully!

A trasformative experience

Discovering your inner clown is a surprising, regenerative, life-boosting experience, a way to give your life new blood and reach a higher level of consciousness, freedom and joy.

We take care of your journey.
You do your best to make this a happier world.

Enjoy your trip in a beautiful destination
Become a clown
Make them laugh!

Once back home

you will not be the same!

This picture was taken during the clown course with Alex Navarro and Caroline Dream in Palma de Mallorca in June 2017.
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About Robin Travels

Since 2009 we have been committed to support emotionally intelligent education for children in need, in different countries.
Our current destinations are Thailand, Nepal and India.

We also provide IT services. More info here