Trust: trust yourself, your emotions, your impulses, the others, trust in life
Allow all your expressions: our fantastic imperfections make us unique!
Playfulness and joy: the Clown shares whatever is moving or happening within himself or around him.

We will explore our emotions with lightness, accept whatever comes out of it, and share it… with the help of the red nose, “the smallest mask in the world” (Jaque Lecoq),

We will learn to reduce our judgemental part, act with simplicity, listen, play, get in contact with our emotions, trust our impulses build our clown from them.

It is an organic work: our inner clown is always changing and new, and every workshop a different experience.


Rodrigo Morganti
Rodrigo Morganti has worked for 21 years as a hospital clown and acted as an artistic director for the “Fondazione Theodora”, based in Italy. Also, he has founded a street theatre troupe called “Jesters without Borders” with whom he travelled all over the globe in order to bring joy and laughter to people. Rodrigo has been teaching clowning and hospital clowning for 21 years all over the world. He is the instructor at Ibtisama Foundation, the first clown doctor foundation in Lebanon and the Middle East, since 2008.