Hi dear fantastic traveller! This is the right start for a unique trasformative travel experience.

The next trip is scheduled for April 2018 and the destination is Thailand.

  • it lasts a minimum of 7 days, the return date is up to you
  • the clown course lasts 5 days
  • during the last weekend of your trip, you visit and perform for the children of Buddhakasettra school
  • the school is located nearby the village of Mae Hong Son, north west of Thailand.

The clown course will be directed by Rodrigo Morganti

3 options for this trasformative travel

BASIC – includes:

  • clown course with accommodation
  • transfer to Mae Hong Son, where the school is located
  • accommodation in Mae Hong Son
  • day at the school

COMFY – includes:

  • the “basic” features
  • flight tickets to Thailand
  • transfer to the location of the clown course

BRIGHT – includes

  • the “basic” and “comfy” features
  • diversified itineraries
  • organised visits
  • internal flights
  • 3 to 5 star accommodations


More info and terms will be published soon.
Keep updated!