Aaron Swartz

Thanks Aaron

Aaron-swartz Aaron (Chicago, 8 November 1986 – New York, 11 January 2013) was a talented guy with a strong commitment. He struggled for a free and open information over the net. He committed suicide after a governmental persecution and a depression. In 2000 (14 years old) he co-developed the Real Simple Syndacation (Rss),  then Creative Commons with Lawrence Lessing and Reddit. He founded OpenLibrary.org in 2007 and, in 2010, Demand Progress, the nonprofit group that led to the success of the revolt against the law Sopa / Pipa last year. Between 2010 and 2011 he collaborated with the Edmond J. Safra Ethics Center at Harvard University. Thank you Aaron. You have actively contributed to make the Internet a better place for everybody and indirectly helped our project. Demand Justice for Aaron:

Demand Justice for Aaron
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