Robin Travels… to Thailand

Ready to go: 4 hours left to the flight London – Bangkok (approximately 13 hours + 4 in a flight tranfer). This travel has multiple purposes. First a bit of mental relaxation. From January RT has reached some fruitful goals: the collaboration with Bema Hotel produced an estimable profit, same for Imperial Hotel. The collaboration with Living World Wide generated a new version of and just a few days ago we finalized the brand new Artebay, contemporary art gallery (online) and started selling the first works of art (all original and signed) on ebay.

In addition to metal relaxation, I am planning to also draw something every morning on my brand new book. Life is movement, time also is movement and even if we try to a definition to our life (what we like, what we want, what we do…) once and for all, everything continuously changes and so far I’ve learnt that the most intimate motivations are anything but rational. So: one drawing book, colors and NO HURRY! Hopefully my hands will say something about the next steps.

And besides my emotional trips 🙂 I will visit Chuaydek, a project on board of Robin Travels from September 2010.

ChuayDek – Raising Greener Generations is a small non-profit initiative that aims at improving the lives, the level of education and environmental knowledge of children in selected schools in Thailand. All the work undertaken is fully and only on voluntary basis. Funds are collected through collaborative efforts and fully allocated to the identified school and kids.

Me and the staff of Chuaydek will leave Bangkok the 15th of July and reach Khun Yoam the day after, by bus (north of Thailand). We will spend 5 days visiting the children, the surrounding areas and doing rice planting. I couldn’t ask anything else.

Rice4Kids Information Note 2013_final.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Pro

Thanks for reading.


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