Friends of VIN – Nepal

by Ann Wilson, founder of Friends of VIN

Friends of VIN is an SDO [social development organization] whose aim is to empower marginalized people in rural Nepal who often below the poverty line.

Poverty is a complex phenomenon; its causes and symptoms are complex and there is no one-fits-all solution.
Education alone isn’t enough, healthcare alone will not create positive lasting change nor will solely the support of women’s and children’s programs.

Therefore we look at all these aspects with the local community. Our work centers on putting the efforts for change in the hands of local people and we actively encourage local people to volunteer within their communities, aiming to unite all sectors of society in working together to set up and run local projects. We run these programs with our Nepal-based partner, Volunteers Initiative Nepal (VIN).

It is very important to us that the projects we initiate are sustainable for the local communities. Therefore, it is always our goal to withdraw our active presence as soon as the community has reached a certain level of self-sustainability. And then we move on to the next area and start all over again.

We are thankful that Robin Travels support us in supporting people to leave poverty behind and to achieve independence and self-sustainability.



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