The educational projects

We work to raise the living standards and educational level of young students, supporting projects in the economically and socially disadvantaged areas of the world.

This is made possible by your choice to support us with your trip, by the responsible consumption we promote, by committed teachers and educators.



It began with a trip to South America, in Bolivia in 2006, where I came into contact with an orphanage in the Amazon rain forest of Cochabamba and a company of itinerant artists.

These people invested all their energy in an ideal of social justice, transformed into the practice of education. In a second trip I visited Amsterdam, whose architectural beauty made me fall in love with the city. Here I began the work of online-booking with a simple booking site, and after making the first steps in that market, I decided to found Robin Travels, a link between the hidden beauty of the educational projects in South America and the potentials of Amsterdam and many other western cities.

Michele Pittaro, Founder.


Robin Travels today

The project has been growing since 2009. We have now more knowledge about consulting, IT and marketing development, and four educational projects were found.

The supported projects:

Bal Ashram – Varanasi (india)
Bal Ashram is a peaceful place near the Ganges river where the Italian couple Camilla and Lorenzo manage a school and run several projects…
Alice Project – Sarnat (India)
2 At Alice Project, they developed an educational method adopted by this and other schools (such as Bal Ashram):
“it is based on the integration of our inner and outer worlds, the transcendence of borders we artificially create, and the awakening and nurturing of the understanding of self. The methods used tap the most powerful potential we possess – the potential to be wise and kind.”
Chuaydek – Thailand
IMG 7729-low.jpg.1322778707177 ChuayDek – Raising Greener Generations is a small good-will and non-profit initiative that aims at improving the lives, the level of education and environmental knowledge of children in selected schools in Thailand. All the work undertaken is fully and only on voluntary basis. Funds are collected through a collaborative effort and fully assigned to respond to the needs of the identified school and kids.
Friends of VIN – Nepal
friends-of-VIN Poverty is a complex phenomenon; its causes and symptoms are complex and there is no one-fits-all solution.
Education alone isn’t enough, healthcare alone will not create positive lasting change nor will the sole support of women’s and children’s programs. Friends of VIN has developed a multidisciplinary project involving the entire local community in order to improve education, healthcare and living standards, focusing on children and women.