Chuaydek – Thailand

by Serena Fortuna, responsible for Chuaydek project.

2nd Donation Chauydek-30September 2010 – updated June 2012

I had an enriching experience, traveling all the way toKhun Yoam, Thailand, a small town 800 km away from Bangkok, or a simple 170 km from Chiang Mai, but along a famous route of more than 1900 curves; trust me, it looks like curves never end there!

What motivated me to undertake this long but very worthwhile trip was my interest in getting to know the children we are helping in Thailand, through the “ChuayDek – Raising Greener Generations NGO”.

ChuayDek – Raising Greener Generations is a small non-profit initiative that aims at improving the lives, the level of education and environmental knowledge of children in selected schools in Thailand. All the work undertaken is fully and only on voluntary basis. Funds are collected through collaborative efforts and fully allocated to the identified school and kids.


What does this mean in simple words? Simply that, when you donate 1€, 10€, 100€, or whatever amount you feel like donating, the full donation is transferred to the beneficiaries, with no cuts passing into “third hands” … a rare but beautiful thing to be found nowadays!

Since 2010, ChuayDek has been helping the rural school Buddha Kasettra, in Khun Yoam, Mae Hong Sorn, which hosts between 100 and 150 underpriviledged children every year, many of them with no parents, living in dangerous conditions, at risk of having neither food nor decent care and, worst of all, of falling into the trap of human trafficking, drugs, or prostitution. The School not only teaches them the usual school curriculum, but it represents a family for them. They live in the school, they get three meals a day, education and care.

But… there is a “but” … the support the School receives from the government does not cover all of these costs, and without external support the children and the School would again be in troubled waters.

Ensuring that the children can eat three nutritious meals a day is ChuayDek’s priority, but they also want to bring more knowledge to the School and the children, so that in a few years from now the school will be self-sufficient. Read more on ChuayDek at, or join their very active facebook page at

More than the words and descriptions of activities that the school or the NGO might do are the children’s smiles and happiness when you bring them love. The experience at the school touched my heart, seeing them learning organic agriculture, playing sports, trying to pronounce words correctly,  and dancing and singing to show their gratitude for the visit and the help received really left me teary eyed. A worthy trip to make, a worthy school to help.

Photo galleries (find here all the photo albums):

2nd Donation Chauydek-3 The album shows some of the moments shared with the children of the Buddha Kasettra School during the delivery of the second ChuayDek donation, the Saikia Memorial scholarships and the great day trip 50 children could experience thanks to the donations received!
Rice4Ki An amazing experience for the ChuayDek volunteers, who had the experience of a lifetime learning what it means to plant rice, be captured by the lush green of the fields and the surrounded forest, by the laughter and the intense sight of the children. Visit the photo album and fly with us to Khun Yoam. You will not regret it.
Prarkaew2 The journey of 30 children in need, travelling from their rural school Buddha Kasettra (Khun Yoam, Mae Hong Sorn) to Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Rayong, Tak, Lampang, and back! 2000 km, 7 days journey, the time of their lives.

Pics made by Wii Photo, team of Chuay Dek, in July 2013 during our visit at the Buddhakasettra school: