Alice Project – Sarnath, India

by Michele Pittaro, founder or Sustainable Deal and Robin Travels


In April 2010 I visited Alice Project in Sarnat, near Varanasi, “a research project for the education of children and teachers” founded in 1994 and lead by the Italian school teachers Valentino Giacomin and Luigina de Biasi.


They developed an educational method adopted by this and other schools (such as  Bal Ashram):
“it is based on the integration of our inner and outer worlds, the transcendence of borders we artificially create, and the awakening and nurturing of the understanding of self. The methods used tap the most powerful potential we possess – the potential to be wise and kind.”


The school hosts about 500 children and is open to all ages. I took part in a training session for the teachers, lead by Luigina de Biasi, and also attended some lessons.  Similar to Basl Ashram, the educational activities are focused on giving special attention to the individual child and their behaviour in class.


The collaboration with this school began in October 2010.