What we do

PURPOSE: teach juggling to the Homeless population of London
TOOLS: balls and eventually clubs

Being Homeless is surely not easy,

not only because of the lack of comfort, but especially because in many case they suffer from what Daniel Suleman, in his book “Emotional intelligence”, calls “ground noise”: a disorganised and painful mess of emotions, coming from an unfair past, that prevents people from pursuing any plan.


a homeless have something that all the others do not have: the possibility to experience the city in a way that nobody else can, because “out there” is their home.


they are a resource for everybody, as they are in direct contact with the real essence of the city, those places where tons of bodies walk and rub on each other with great indifference.

And why teaching juggling to the homeless?

Juggling sharpens focus and concentration, improves coordination, is a stress relief, and much more (read more).

Nevertheless, juggling is art, and art is what makes anything, including cities, enjoyable.

The answer is “why not?!”

You can help in 2 ways:

  • with a donation, that we’d use to buy juggling tools
  • by learning and teaching juggling!
    There are a few weekly workshops in London where we can meet and juggle together.

At the moment there are 4 active weekly workshops in London, in: Kensington, Highgate, Camden Town and Whitechapel.

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