Support with a donation

MONEY, JUGGLING CLUBS AND BALLS, CLOTHES and whatever can be useful to any of the Robin’s projects is always more than welcome!! 😀

With the donations we can:

  • buy other juggling balls and clubs for the homeless of London
  • fund the schools in India, Thailand and Nepal
  • feed the project and let us pay some bill
  • and … above all, LET YOU FEEL GOOD! because while giving sounds bad for your pocket, IT IS GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH!!! (search on google, you’ll find a lot of resources).

You can donate via paypallogo_paypal_212x56
or drop some juggling tools or clothes at
24 Campdale Road – N70EB London
For appointments:

You can also support by “travelling as a Robin“: part of your booking with and easytobook will help, at no extra cost

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