Benefits of Juggling

juggling-girlIt makes you smarter

Yes, it’s true – juggling has been proven to increase the amount of gray matter in the brain (Nature magazine, volume 427, Jan. 2004). One study even found that it did this in just 7 days! Research also suggests it may prevent Alzheimer’s disease, making it a great choice for brain fitness. When you juggle, you’re not only burning calories, toning your body and strengthening your core, you’re exercising your mind as well. This is why there’s no need to worry about how long it takes you to learn how to juggle – you’re still burning calories and boosting your brainpower. In fact, the longer it takes you to learn, the more you are exercising your mind!

Juggling sharpens focus & concentration

Juggling engages your problem-solving skills. You can’t just throw all the balls up in the air and hope everything comes together! This is why juggling is excellent for helping you master the art of concentration. The intense focus required for juggling can filter into other areas of your life that require the same type of close attention. Continue reading Benefits of Juggling